Pysselsommar med Fröken Uggla i hembygdsmuseet, Dals Rostock

Paper craft studio 2018

Be creative in pleasant surroundings

Welcome to Fröken Uggla’s (Miss Owl’s) creative studio on the veranda of the Folk Museum in Dals Rostock. Sit down and paper craft in pleasant surroundings.

You can borrow pens and rubber stamps from Fröken Uggla. There is a mini store on the veranda where you can buy stickers and crafting materials. Nearby is also a café, a herb garden and Kerstin Ljungqvist’s art studio.

Opening hours Mondays and Tuesdays 14.00-17.00 until 31 July.

Questions? Feel free to contact Fröken Uggla (info[at]

Pysselsommar Fröken Uggla 2