Utsnitt av karta över Dals Rostock

More to see in Dals Rostock

Bertil Larsson’s Garden

In central Rostock there is a really outstanding private garden. Bertil has collected thousands of different plants. High and low there is hardly a spot to place your foot.

If you would like to visit the garden Bertil can be contacted on:

Telephone: 0046-(0)530 2049 6

Mobile : 0046-(0)70 295 29 96

Bertil Larsson, Dals Rostock
Bertil Larsson.

Peony in Bertil Larsson's garden, Dals Rostock.

Peony in Bertil Larsson’s garden, Dals Rostock.

”Tant Vanjas textilmuseum”

Opposite my studio there is a cosy little textile museum. Kerstin Lindeberg has for many years collected textiles, tools and many other things connected to the production of old textiles. She has named the museum after her mother in law ”Vanja” and the aim is to gather together old knowledge and skills which are about to be forgotten and to pass them on to the new generation. If you are interested, you can try carding, spinning, weaving, lacemaking, knitting or something else that has to do with the old techniques.

Tant Vanjas textilmuseum

”Tant Vanjas textilmuseum”.


Hiking routes and swimming

Around Dals Rostock there are several paths and forest walks to choose from. Many of them start from the ”OK stugan” the local orienteering clubs headquarters.

Karl the Xll’s way is a hiking route which runs across Kroppefjäll between Dals Rostock and Järbo.

Doctor Saedén’s Runda dating from the time of the Sanatorium is also available to visitors and Kroppefjäll’s walking group arrange local walks every Thursday evening in the summer. There is the possibility of local guiding available!

For those who want to go for a swim there are many different lakes and tarns near by.

Bergklovet vid Brattås, Dals Rostock.
Brattås, Dals Rostock.


Ekholmens Säteri

A little way outside Dals Rostock next to Gunnarsnäs Church is Ekholmen’s Säteri. The big house dates from 1799 and is completely roofed in slate. The walls are also clad in the local slate. Inside there are three well preserved rooms that Karl the XlV Johan stayed in. In the courtyard is a smaller house dated from 1785 which is today a small interior design shop and cafe’.

The slate house at Ekholmen.
Ekholmen’s Säteri.


Örtagård, ateljé och vacker natur