Stora salen.


The large hall

In the large hall is my studio, workshop, and shop. Here I also run courses in calligraphy, paper art and much more. Most of my furniture I have hand painted using the older painting techniques such as, veining, graining and marbling.

Pappslöjdskurs i Kerstin Ljungqvists ateljé, Dals Rostock.
Some participants in a paper art course.

The library

In my library I have books for my work, they are not for sale or to borrow. With most of the things I do, I make no clear division between my work and private life.

Kerstin Ljungqvists bibliotek.
The library.

The kitchen

When I renovated the kitchen I decorated it as a replica of how an 18th century pharmacy would have looked. The contents of the cupboards and tins are all labelled in Latin.


Örtagård, ateljé och vacker natur